Shelly 2LED


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Intelligent LED Lighting without additional costs

Shelly 2LED is compatible with all LED luminaires, embedded or suspended.
Shelly 2LED can control two luminaires – 20W each or one 40W body, as well as control the white light temperature.
Shelly 2LED has a built-in transformer and WiFi controlled LED driver.

Flere detaljer

120,00 dkk Inkl. moms

Forventet leveringstid: 1-3 hverdage

Yderligere information

Input: 110-220v


Real time monitoring

  • Centrally managed access control using secure login system
  • Monitoring of lighting levels, comfort level and occupancy level

Intelligent automation

  • Automated ON/OFF/DIMMING control of individual/group of lights
  • Time based scheduling and ON / OFF control.
  • Sunrise/Sunset based scheduling and dimming control

The right features

  • User defined Groups/Zones
  • Easy to install, plug-n-play retrofit solution.
  • Fault detection alarms.
  • Daily / monthly / weekly reports

Historical Recordings

  • Consumption history
  • Lighting Energy Savings
  • Trends, Alerts & Event log reports for a specific time-frame


  • Occupancy based energy savings
  • Reduces wasteful consumption
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Schedule based lighting savings
  • Control and reduce lighting budgets.

Control from anywhere

  • Cloud connected
  • Android and iOS Application
  • Control from web browser
  • API for 3-th party integration