Capacitive Touch Switch


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Blue Color HTTM Series Capacitive Touch Switch Button Module

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Produkt information

Output+3,3V max. 500mA
Spænding2,7 - 6V

Yderligere information

The HTTM series touch buttons module has the following characteristics:
1. no mechanical parts, no wear, unlimited life, reduce maintenance costs later;
2. The design of the panel is arbitrary, the size and shape of the keys are arbitrary, the characters, trademarks, perspective windows and other arbitrary collocation, so that the overall sense of the product is stronger;
3. The sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material), and it is easy to make a keyboard sealed with the surrounding environment to play a role of moisture-proof and waterproof.
4. compared with solid buttons, touch buttons are not easy to damage.
5. By modifying the resistance on the back, the output of the adjustment signal is latch-up output or Level-holding output (see 3.3.2 for details).
6.2.7V~+6V wide voltage input range, +3.3V signal output, can be directly used to drive relays, optocouplers, LED lights and other components;
7. -30 to +70 c operating temperature range;
8. touch sensitive, no delay, delay, flicker and other adverse reactions;
9. built in anti-jamming algorithm, with excellent anti-jamming performance.

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