ISD1820 Voice Recorder Forstør

ISD1820 Voice Recorder


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Kan optage op til 20 sekunders lyd uden brug af andre lager enheder.

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Lagerbeholdning: 37 Varer

22,50 dkk Inkl. moms

Forventet leveringstid 1-2 hverdage

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Record Operate Guide 

  1. Push REC button then the RECLED(D1) will light and keep push until record end.
  2. Release the REC button
  3. Select Playback mode:  PLAYE, just need push one time, and will playback all of the record or power down ; PLAYL, you need always push this button until you want to stop playback record or end ; REPEAT, switch 5 to right side, and the record will playback time a time until switch to light or power down
  4. FT mode, when you switch 6 to right side, that means all of you speak to MIC will direct playback from Speaker.

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